A new IOTA Expert started working in the Secretariat

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Mr Roman Bichevoy started working in the Secretariat last week to reinforce IOTA’s cooperation with international organizations and donors through joint projects and initiatives.

Roman, who joined us from the Ukrainian tax and customs administration - apart from having wide experience in tax issues - has extensive experience in development, fundraising and project management. Before joining IOTA he held the position of Head of Reforms office State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS). In his role in SFS Roman worked on a number of reforms and projects, including institutional reform of SFS, international taxation, voluntary compliance, electronic services and a number of other initiatives. He also was in charge of donor coordination for technical assistance projects and worked very closely with IMF, US Department of the Treasury, European Commission, GIZ and a number of other donors providing assistance to Ukraine.

Roman has already proven how IOTA-driven he is, not only as Principal Contact Person from Ukraine during the previous Presidency but also as organiser and presenter of the 21st General Assembly in Kyiv.

Before joining public sector, Roman spent most of his career in private sector. He started as an Ernst & Young auditor in Ukraine and worked also in private companies and multinational giants like General Electric developing their businesses in the region of Former Soviet Union. Roman’s speciality is business development, cooperation agreements, joint ventures, etc. He holds Master of Science in Foreign Service with concentration in International Finance and Commerce of Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, Master’s Degree in International Management from Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade and Bachelor's Degree in Economics of University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

We are looking forward to working together with our new colleague and wish him every success in IOTA!