New President of the Slovak Financial Administration

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Notice of Change in the position of President of the Slovak Financial Administration. International Relations and Cooperation Department of the Slovak Financial Administration informs about the recent change in position of President of the Slovak Financial Administration.

On 1 December 2020, Mr. Jiří Žežulka was appointed to the position of President of the Slovak Financial Administration. This appointment is the result of the public hearing selection procedure.  

Ms. Daniela Klučková, who was in the position since July 2020 decided not to apply for the position and had returned to her previous professional career at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

Mr. Žežulka´s professional life is closely connected with the field of taxation. Since 2006 he has held different positions within the Czech Financial Directorate and the Czech General Financial Directorate.

Brief CV of Mr. Jiří Žežulka:

1 December 2020 - Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, President

2016 – 2020 - APOGEO Group SE, Manager, Partner for Tax Policy and Tax Disputes

2016 – 2017 - High Prosecuting Attorney´s Office in Prague, Analyst of the Most Serious Economic Crimes Unit,

2010 – 2015 – General Financial Directorate of the Czech Republic – Deputy Director General, Director of the Risk Management Section, Head of the Department for Combating Tax Evasion,

2006 – 2010 – Financial Directorate Ústí nad Labem, Director of the Tax Office Česká Lípa, Head of the Tax Audit Department, Tax Office Žatec.

In his personal letter to the President and the Executive Secretary of IOTA Mr Žežulka had already confirmed, that the excellent Slovak - IOTA cooperation that lasts for over twenty years will continue under his leadership.