New Seconded Taxation Expert Joins the IOTA Secretariat Team

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Ivana Donchevska, a seconded taxation expert from North Macedonia, has joined the IOTA Secretariat Team as of 26th April 2021. Ivana started her professional career 15 years ago in the Public Revenue Office of the Republic of North Macedonia working in the areas of property tax, legal affairs, tax audit, tax services, and assessment and collection of taxes. Starting as a junior associate, she slowly traced her path to Head of Sector for Registration and Tax Assessment through continuous learning, taking chances, managing challenges, and using personal skills. She was highly motivated and devoted to bringing change and modernization by working on various projects on redesigning and re-engineering of business processes.



When did you begin working in the field of taxation?

I was working in the field of taxation all my carreer. The continuous process of improvement and simplification of procedures and founding new and innovative methods for ensuring taxpayers' compliance was my imperative and motivation throughout all these years devoted to my work in Tax Administration.

Why did you decide to join IOTA?

As a person involved in various projects on modernization and digitalization of tax administration to achieve a taxpayer-centric, service-oriented, transparent, and data-driven tax system, it is essential to learn from different experiences and have an understanding of multinational practices. IOTA provides numerous opportunities for sharing of experiences, enhancement of communication, and learning from each other to improve taxation practices, collect tax revenues, ensure taxpayer compliance, deliver highly professional taxpayer services whilst respecting the principles of fairness and justice.

You have joined the team remotely. How do you experience starting a new position during a time when everyone works from a home office environment?

Working remotely especially with a new team can be challenging, but it was not the case with the IOTA team. With their unreserved support, available information, clear procedures, and friendly attitude, my colleagues gave their best for my smooth start. The only downside is that I haven't met them in person.

You joined IOTA in 2021, the year when the organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary. How did your tax administration’s membership in IOTA affect your home administration and your work over the years?

The 25th IOTA anniversary is not a coincidence. It's 25 years of building professionalism, image, cooperation, and integrity, brick by brick by devoted work and support of the administration in their mutual cooperation. My home administration is a member of IOTA from the very beginning, since 1997, as it recognized and understood that sharing information, learning from the best practices and advice is crucial in the development of every administration.

What do you look forward to the most while you fulfill this position?

It is exciting to work in a multinational team, with colleagues with such reach and different backgrounds. By bringing my Balcans energy and expertise I expect to contribute to creating forums, events, and workshops useful for tax administrations in sharing information and best practices, but also in gaining knowledge and experience for strengthening the administrative, operational, and organizational capacities of the tax administrations.