A new seconded International Taxation Expert started working in the Secretariat

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A new project-based International Taxation Expert started working in the IOTA Secretariat on 4th June. Mr Vegard Holmedahl, a seconded expert from the Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA), will be responsible for IOTA’s important international project, the ISORA. Vegard participated in the ISORA Technical Working Group on behalf of IOTA in 2015 and 2016, preparing the 2016 iteration of the survey and supporting the IOTA Secretariat already in validating survey responses. He also contributed in the ISORA training workshops for IOTA members this April.

Vegard has Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer science from the College of Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara. He has approximately 20 years of experience from IT consulting specialising in Business Intelligence and project management, has lectured on university level and held numerous courses in the business community. He is certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute and a trained TADAT (Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool) assessor.

He was responsible for Business Intelligence at NTA from 2015 until the start of the secondment, and he has worked and will continue working part time in the Minerva project at NTA, developing a new information system and enhancing work processes to support a knowledge- and risk-based approach to tax compliance.

We are looking forward to working together with our new colleague and we wish him every success in IOTA!