A new Technical Taxation Expert seconded by Italy started to work in the Secretariat

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A new Technical Taxation Expert started to work in the Secretariat of IOTA on the 1st of September. Mr Massimo Morarelli, a seconded expert from the Italian Revenue Agency, has considerable international experience; he has spent several years working for the EU and involved in OECD works.

Our new colleague started to work for the Italian Revenue Agency in 2004 and held numerous positions dealing with international taxation issues. During his career he has worked several years for the European Commission in the Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union and, as a national expert, in the Directorate General for Trade. He also participated in working groups of the European Council in the field of VAT taxation. Massimo has also extensive experience in OECD, he has been delegated to OECD meetings, working parties and task teams. He is the Italian delegate to OECD Working Party on Consumption Taxes and member of the WP9 Technical Advisory Group and of several OECD task teams. 

Massimo is also an experienced trainer; held trainings in VAT related TAIEX workshops. He also gained considerable practice in EU-project management and he has been a speaker in several international conferences dealing with VAT related issues.

We are delighted to welcome our new colleague in the team of the Secretariat and we wish him every success in IOTA!