New virtual assistance tools in the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT)

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The Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) has recently launched two additional virtual assistance services: one for the Personal Income Tax Campaign of fiscal year 2020 and other censal purposes. They are the so-called PIT and Censal “informants”. It has also enhanced the traditional FAQs service called INFORMA that now has been renamed as INFORMA+.

  • The PIT Informant is a tool that offers information on the most relevant issues to complete the PIT return. It has been designed using decision trees and consists in eleven different topics where the taxpayer can click (e.g.: novelties, assistance services, identification issues, liability, taxation options, benefits, immovable property, deductions, modification of a submitted return). For each topic the tool asks further questions in consecutive levels of drop-down menus until it reaches the answer, which can include links to other pages for additional information. Then it asks the customer to rate the service and allows a download of the answer in pdf for further certainty.

  • The Censal Informant works in the same way as the PIT informant (drop-down menus, printable final answer, etc). It offers information on ten different topics (e.g.: TIN, censal declarations, tax certificates, identification and electronic signature, representation). By means of this tool taxpayers can get information on formalities, tax liabilities, information requests or censal control procedures and other relevant information (identification issues of electronic signature, as an example).


  • INFORMA+: the FAQs service has turned into a dynamic service were taxpayers can ask tax questions and get a tailored written answer. Enquiries are incorporated to the taxpayers´ files and they can visualize them in the electronic office. It can be accessed in two ways: directly, as an online enquiring procedure or after using the virtual assistance services without getting a satisfactory answer, the system will open the possibility to submit the enquiry. For the moment, this service is available for VAT, including the Immediate Supply of Information System, and for censal issues, but it will be progressively extended to the rest of taxes and procedures.


Virtual assistance tools are gathered under a single banner placed on the AEAT´s Internet front-page so that they can be easily accessed, providing service to taxpayers in VAT, collection, PIT and censal issues.

In addition, the PIT Informant is also placed under the specific banner for the PIT Campaign 2020, which includes a wide variety of assistance services: pre-filled return, explanatory videos, leaflets, “we call you” plan, FAQs and as a novelty this year, the PIT informant.

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