New VITARA courses on the horizon - Registrations are now open

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VITARA is pleased to launch that the next two e-learning modules on Organization and Human Resource Management are now open for registration. Both courses last three weeks, the Organization course (application deadline until 5th April) can be completed between the 6th and the 27th of April 2022, while the Human Resource Management course (application deadline until the 17th of May) will take place from the 18th May until the 8th of June 2022 in the virtual space.

VITARA is a joint initiative of four organisations, Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT), Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations (IOTA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Please see more information about VITARA on the dedicated page of the IOTA website.

The upcoming Organization online course helps build knowledge and understanding of critical features in the organizational design of tax administrations. It introduces the general principles and good practice of organizational design, and discusses the organizational structures adopted by tax administrations (such as function-based, taxpayer segment-b ased, tax type-based and hybrid models). It also discusses how tax administration organizational design is adapting to respond to government requests to take on other responsibilities in addition to tax-related functions as well as to emerging trends such as new disruptive technologies.

Further information about the Organization course is provided, and the government officials should register on the official website of IMF.

The Human Resource Management course provides fundamental knowledge on HRM matters within a tax administration including among others HRM strategy and its implementation, HRM organizational models, HRM functions and the key areas of an effective HRM system.  The course help learners understand how HRM assists tax administrations with achieving their strategic goals.

Further information about the Human Resource Management is provided, and the government officials should register on the official website of IMF.


VITARA stands for Virtual Training to Advance Revenue Administration. It is an online course specifically designed for tax administrations. The VITARA modules are introductory level modules and designed for busy professionals who wish to improve their skills in tax administration. Find out more on VITARA Courses by visiting the VITARA page on the IOTA, and Frequently Asked Questions – Online Learning page on the IMF website.

Discover more about the current VITARA courses in the table below.

  Course Title (and reference number) Registration due date Trouble registering? Please contact:
Courses in English

Strategic Mgt. (SMG) - English (OL 22.126)

Reform Mgt. Fundamentals (RMF) – English (OL 22.127)

Reform Mgt. Specific Topics (RMS) – English (OL 22.128)

Institutional Governance – English (OL 22.07)

Coming soon  
New courses in English Organization – English (OL 22.08) April 5
Human Resource Mgt. – English  (OL 22.09) May 17
French course Strategic Mgt. – French (OL 22.02) March 31
Spanish course Strategic Mgt. – Spanish (OL 22.01) March 31