The newest possibilities and future trends of taxpayer services

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More than 50 participants from 29 IOTA member countries gathered last week to discuss the challenges and latest developments in using highly sophisticated digital solutions in taxpayer services. The tax officials shared their experiences in the use of big data and advanced analytics, customer-oriented cloud and mobile solutions, digital communication channels and even artificial intelligence and robotics. In the interactive workshop delegates highlighted that easy to access and use, highly secure and customer-tailored services are crucial for establishing trust of taxpayers in tax administrations.

The IOTA workshop „The newest possibilities and future trends of taxpayer services” was held on  24-26 April 2018 in Tbilisi hosted by the Revenue Service of Georgia. During the workshop participants were informed about the e-services in Georgia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom in the format of presentations delivered by tax officials of the respective countries.

Personal tax accounts, virtual assistants, webchats, personalised notifications, mobile apps, e-addresses, e-payments, tax campaigns, tax simulators, chatbots, integrated payroll softwares, online payments, call centres, webinars, social media, e-PIT, biometric identification solutions, standard tax audit files and many other modern and digital tools were presented.

Delegates during group discussions further discussed and shared country experiences in e.g. recent e-services enchantment project/initiatives, most effective ways of communicating with taxpayers, steps towards “natural taxation” i.e. reporting and payments captured in near real-time. Participants were also informed on private sector solutions on taxpayer services.

Further information about the workshop, including the post-event material and a video where participants speak about what they learned, why the event was useful is available here for registered users.