Operation “Used Rim” takes tax inspectors to 1900 car dealers in Portugal

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On November 16, 2017, the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT) launched a nation-wide  mega operation with the participation of 470 inspectors of Tax and Customs Inspection, which focused on the control of about 1,900 motor vehicles’ traders, car dealers.

This operation was carried out within the scope of prevention actions under tax and customs departments of AT, with particular emphasis on the collection of information on control of the trade of second hand cars purchased outside Portugal. The trade of imported and used cars is being targeted by the tax and customs authorities as one of the identified risk sectors.

In total, 15 infringement proceedings were opened. Those taxable persons will be subject to a rigorous declarations filing behavior and subsequent audits will be carried out in cases where high risk of non-compliance has been detected.

As a way of ensuring a fair distribution of the fiscal burden, the Tax and Customs Authority will continue to significantly strengthen its presence on the ground, in order to encourage voluntary compliance, dissuading any non-compliance practices. This is one of the many actions that have been developed, targeting particular economic activity sectors.