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Phone campaign in Norway for companies to file their tax return forms

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Tax Norway makes efforts to increase filing of tax return forms of limited companies and self-employed. A phone campaign was conducted in 2015 with the experience that personal phone calls, especially to self-employed, can influence many companies which are three months behind the deadline to file. Personal calls to self-employed obtained an effect of 9 percent increase, whereas personal calls to limited companies obtained an effect of 6 percent increase.

The phone campaign had these aims:

-Find out if a phone campaign can make more limited companies and self-employed file their tax return forms.

-Find out why our targets had not yet filed.

-To gauge if a cheaper, automated phone call would be as effective as a personal phone call from a Tax Norway employee.

-To learn more about how we can design a phone campaign as effectively as possible.

Tax Norway has prepared a report on the experience of the phone campaign which also contains recommendations. The main findings of the report are:

-Phone calls can influence limited companies and self-employed to file.

-Self-employed are easier to influence by phone calls than limited companies.

-Personal phone calls are more effective than automated phone calls when the target group is self-employed. For limited companies, the results are inconclusive.


The report with further findings and recommendations is available here