The Portuguese Tax Administration Launched a New APP for Self-employed Taxpayers

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ATGo is a newly developed mobile application (available on both iOS and Android operating systems) that allows self-employed taxpayers to easily comply with their tax obligations and manage their professional activities in a single point of access, an integrated and mobile environment.
The Portuguese Tax Administration has recently launched a mobile application, called ATGo, aiming to simplify compliance with tax obligations for individual taxpayers who are self-employed without organized accounting, as well as reduce the context costs associated with compliance with these obligations and facilitate the management of their professional activities.

Portugal is one of the EU countries with the highest rates of self-employed individuals. Currently, approximately 1 million taxpayers have an open activity, therefore it is essential to make this application available to this segment of taxpayers. 
The newly designed solution helps to change the paradigm of the user experience by concentrating different needs in a single access point, in an integrated mobile context, without the use of other channels to fulfill tax obligations, within the framework of a self-employed professional activity.
This APP allows taxpayers to always have an immediate overview of the state of their professional activities at all times, helping them with the analysis and facilitating their interactions with the Portuguese Tax Administration.

Using ATGo, this segment of taxpayers can access:

  •  Invoice issuance and checking
  • The details of their professional activity, such as VAT and personal income tax (PIT)
  •  Statistics with the main indicators of their professional activity, such as Income and Expenses; Professional Expenses by Category; Top 5 Customers...
  •  Evolution of income resulting from professional activity during the current year and by comparison with the same period in the previous year 
  •  Tutorials and Humanized Help 

 Our intentions for the near future are to further develop the application as well as add new features, such as:

  • Making payments by electronic means, such as Direct Debit  
  • Possibility to incorporate taxpayer feedback
  • Search and invoice issuance using voice commands

The development of solutions such as the ATGo APP reinforces the technological innovation matrix of the Portuguese Tax Administration and its focus on providing personalized services tailored to the needs of different taxpayer segments. 
Our goal is to simplify and reduce the costs associated with tax compliance, which means improved service, strengthening a positive relationship with taxpayers, in addition promoting economic competitiveness.

The App was developed under the project "Gia - Gestão Integrada de Atividade por Conta Própria (Integrated Management of Self-Employed Activity), in a multiplatform support", co-financed by the programs Compete 2020, Portugal 2020, and the European Union's European Regional Development Fund.