The Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority Host a Delegation of Information Technologies (ICT) Officer

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This visit took place under SETIC - Executive Workshops for ICT Heads of the Government of Angola, a program sponsored by CNTI -National Centre for Information Technology. The AT was selected due to the state of development of the use of information and communication technologies in their internal processes and in the external interface with taxpayers and the remaining public administration services.
The AT introduced the visitors to the most innovative systems, in a working session held September 24, 2014.The Portuguese Tax and Customs Administration is currently a reference in this field, in particular by the implementation of high degree of innovation systems, including the following:

  • The dematerialization of the universe of declarations submitted by taxpayers for tax and customs purposes (circa 18 million annual declarations);
  • The implementation of the electronic notification system and the automation of the preparation and emission of all taxpayers correspondence;
  • The dematerialization of the universe of internal processes by a system which scans all incoming paper documents at AT services, also the preparation, decisions and proceedings are carried out in a dematerialized form;
  • The full automation of a wide range of internal processes common to tax and customs services, such as applications for recognition of tax benefits, administrative offences, tax enforcement, electronic auction for sale of seized property, risk matrix, etc.;
  • The availability of about 400 electronic services in the administration portal - Portal das Finanças;
  • The implementation of the e-invoice system, the electronic transport document and Lucky Invoice Lottery, which represent the most advanced model of promoting voluntary tax compliance and combating the underground economy;
  • The e-counter system implementation through which taxpayers can access all customer services, without requiring unnecessary physical travel to the services, ensuring a unique response from the AT services;
  • The implementation of an interaction system with taxpayers, with the mission to promote taxpayers' voluntary tax compliance, avoiding costs associated with default. Through this fully electronic system, AT warns taxpayers, by e-mail and sms, of all tax obligations they have to comply by sending about 45 million alerts annually;
  • Interoperability with public entities and other organizations to provide full customer services to citizens and businesses, as well as information sharing to simplify and offer a better public service.

The AT newly renovated technological infrastructure, to provide high level of services appropriate to taxpayers, economic operators, public entities and other professionals needs, as well as to ensure that AT employees are provided with the best possible conditions for the pursuit of the public interest in carrying out the tasks that are assigned to Tax and Customs Authority, was also presented.