Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT) signed a Cooperation Protocol with the National Entity for Fuel Market (ENMC)

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The objective of the cooperation protocol signed between AT and ENMC is the sharing of information on the domestic market for fuels and biofuels. Besides sharing of information with AT on domestic market of crude oil, its derivatives and its substitutes, as well as biofuels and bioliquids, ENMC undertakes to provide all relevant information on situations of potential fraud and tax evasion within the fuel market.

ENMC further undertakes to actively collaborate with AT in the search for solutions to the allocation and/or destruction of abandoned or confiscated oil products by court or administrative decision, regarding the applicable safety standards. When establishing partnership the supervisory, inspection and certification responsibilities of ENMC on the National Petroleum System and the powers of AT, particularly in terms of excise duties, have been taken into consideration.