Postponing or Transforming ALL events to DIGITAL in March, April and May

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As the international situation of COVID-19 virus spread makes us concerned about the excessive amount of travelling, IOTA Secretariat has decided to postpone or transform ALL of its events to DIGITAL for March, April and May.


IOTA Secretariat puts the health and safety of delegates and staff first and at the same time we are fully committed to deliver our annual work programme for 2020. We came to a conclusion to transform our March, April and May events to DIGITAL or postpone them until further notice.


Our long awaited 27th FORUM of IOTA Principal Contact Persons (PCP) which was originally planned to be held in Budapest-Hungary, on 10-11 March 2020 will be transformed to a DIGITAL PCP FORUM. The content of the forum will be shortened and condensed while we make sure that all the important information about review of IOTA’s strategy, charter, financial framework and technical activities will be fully given to the PCPs, their valued feedback will be obtained and questions will be answered.



Date: 19th March 2020

Time: 11:00 – 15:30

Format: Live interactive video webinar


All the PCPs will be informed in the invitation package about the details of the proposed agenda and about all the technical information of how to connect to the webinar shortly.


The following Steering Group meetings will be turned into virtual meeting (video conferences) as well:

- Steering Group of Tax Debt Management Forum (24-26 March 2020)

- Steering Group of IOTA Communications Forum (22-24 April 2020)


The following events are postponed until further notice:

- 6th Regional Meeting on BEPS for Eurasian countries - joint IOTA-OECD event (25-26 March, Sofia-Bulgaria)

- Workshop on Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies (15-17 April, Budapest-Hungary)

- Forum on Implementation of Measures to counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting – BEPS (21-23 April, Malmo-Sweden)

- Forum on the Use of Data from Automatic Exchange of Information - AEOI (26-28 May, Oslo-Norway)


120th Meeting of Executive Council will be transformed to digital


These unfortunate times give us the opportunity to develop our technical possibilities and prepare IOTA for the times when holding a webinar or a virtual event will not be a forced solution but a preferred option allowing us to communicate with a wider audience in a more cost-efficient and less time-consuming way.


Thank you very much for your kind understanding and stay tuned on our website for further information about IOTA events.