Second IOTA Talks for PCPs and Shadow PCPs

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IOTA Talks is a regular digital event designed for Principal Contact Persons (PCPs) and Shadow PCPs aiming to give a better understanding of decisions made by the Executive Council, forthcoming events and other IOTA activities. The second IOTA Talks, held on 15th December 2020, focused on the outcomes of the 123rd Executive Council Meeting.

Key topics were presented to PCPc and Shadow PCPs by members of the IOTA Secretatiat, including Frantisek Imrecze, Executive Secretary, Roman Bichevoy, Institutional Development Manager and Lajos Gelencsér, Manager of Finance and Business Aministration. The key topics discussed included:

  • Digital Modus Operandi of IOTA in Q1 2021
  • Additional Technical Events in 2021, including:
    • Tax Morale: IOTA-OECD Virtual Roundtable on Cooperation and Trust (January 2021)
    • The Latest Developments of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Tax Administrations (joint CIAT-IOTA Webinar, March 2021)
    • Annual Meeting of the ISORA Technical Working Group (October 2021)
  • Resources Requirements in the Secretariat
  • ISORA Chairmanship of IOTA for 2020-2021
  • Establishment of Additional Recurring Executive Council Meeting
  • Launch of the New Financial Framework Working Group
  • Webportal Development


The aim of IOTA Talks is to create more efficient and transparent communication within the organisation and provide a platform where PCPs from IOTA member tax administrations get a chance to ask questions or place comments in a more informal setting.

The full recording of the second IOTA Talks is available for IOTA Members and can be reached via the event page.

The next IOTA Talks session is expected to take place inFebruary  2021, after the 124th Executive Council Meeting.