Simplified Regime of Proof of Export wins International Award

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 The Simplified Regime of Proof of Export aims to increase the competitiveness of national export sector, streamlining and simplifying the procedures and formalities for the export of goods outside the European Union. Under this program, the electronic certification of export goods has been implemented, being an innovative measure at European level and a structural reform of the export of goods process in Portugal.

This program has reduced time and the context costs associated with the export of goods, through the effective use of the information technology’s potential. We point out in particular the creation of the electronic export certification which has reduced from 42 days to 5 days the export certification deadline and thus expediting the VAT refund process to the exporter sector. In aggregate terms, the implementation of this regime together with the electronic export system, led to a reduction of estimated annual costs of around € 140 million for the domestic export sector.

Accordingly, the Simplified Regime of Proof of Export contributes decisively to strengthen and increase the competitiveness of the export sector, whose weight in the economy is about 40% of the GDP, through a significant reduction of the VAT refund deadlines and also by providing a remarkable reduction of the context costs incurred by the companies exporting to countries outside the European Union.