Launch of the Fiscal Blog “Tax Chronicle” in Spain

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On 14th September the Spanish Tax Agency together with the Institute for Fiscal Studies have launched the Fiscal Blog “Tax Chronicle”.

The Blog is the result of the natural evolution of the magazine Crónica Tributaria (Tax Chronicle), launched in 1972 and recently transformed into fully digital.

The aim of the blog is to allow senior officials from the Ministry of Finance to share their knowledge, criteria and perspectives, promoting a high quality public debate on the several areas of taxation.

In addition, it includes a “Letters” section where tax practitioners, the academia or any other reader may submit an opinion article or a comment, thus transforming the blog into an interactive channel.

Last but not least, the blog includes a tab from where it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter, which will gather the contents of the blog on a monthly basis.

The inaugural post of the blog has been written by Mr. Jesús Gascón, Director General of the Spanish Tax Agency. An unofficial English version of his post can be found by clicking here.

The blog can be accessed through the following link (only Spanish version):