The Spanish Tax Agency Achieves a Historic Record in the Fight Against Fraud in 2014

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The Tax Agency collected 12,300 million euros in 2014 in the fight against fraud which is 12,5% more than the previous year and a historic figure, result of the efficiency of the Spanish Tax Agency and the tax reforms of the last years.

These results are even more meritable taking into account the budget constraints of the past years and the decrease of the taxable amounts as a consequence of the financial crisis.

The tax reform started in 2012 with the anti-fraud Law 7/2012, which included measures such as the new reporting obligation on foreign assets and limitations on cash payments, the increase of transparency and control on high wealth individuals and the strengthening of penalties. Also big efforts have been made in order to sign new agreements for the exchange of tax information. Last but not least a programme for enhancement of tax control and performances was launched and it will continue in 2015. This commitment of the Tax Agency against fraud has started to bear fruit and we expect that it will continue in the next years.