The Spanish Tax Agency and the Platform of the Elderly and Pensioners to Sign a Collaboration Agreement to Enhance Assistance Services

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On 19th December 2022, the Spanish Tax Agency and the Platform for the Elderly and Pensioners have signed a protocol setting the basic guidelines of the assistance that the AEAT offers to the elderly and a general framework of collaboration for future actions.

The protocol underlines the commitment of the Tax Agency to deliver a customized assistance to the elderly through the promotion of actions that assure them a complete and updated tax information.

Concrete actions

  • Joint Committee

The document envisages the creation of a Joint Committee, composed of members of the AEAT and the Platform, responsible for the identification and analysis of the specific problems of the elderly, the proposal of measures and actions, and the evaluation of the results.

  • Annual plan

The AEAT will draw up an annual plan of assistance to the elderly taking into account the contributions of the Platform, as well as specific information leaflets on the occasion of the Personal Income Tax Campaign.

  • Assistance channels

Face-to-face assistance is guaranteed for the elderly, preferably with appointment. However, onsite assistance without appointment will be provided as well. In addition, phone assistance will be strengthened with the support of the Integral Digital Administrations.

  • Simplification and clarity of returns

The AEAT will review the most frequently used templates and forms and will simplify and clarify the texts and filing instructions.

  • MoUs with local authorities

The AEAT will sign agreements with the municipalities for the provision of information and assistance services in their territorial scope.