Computerworld „Innovative solutions” award for Spanish Tax Agency

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At the annual awards event of Computerworld magazine on 25 September the Spanish Tax Agency was awarded in the category of „Government Innovation for the online submission of the Personal Income Tax”. The worldwide renowned magazine recognizes the best ITC companies and professionals of the year in several categories every year in Spain.

This award is an acknowledgement to the Tax Agency for its efforts in the use of the Information Technologies and consolidation of the digital society.

This year´s prize recognizes the success of the e-government and, more specifically, the online submission of the PIT return, an initiative that has been running for two decades and is continuously being improved with innovative solutions.

The figures speak for themselves: this year the Tax Agency has received 20,600,000 online returns and 290,000 returns via Smartphone, a 45% more than the previous year. In 1999, first year of the project, only 20,000 returns were submitted through the internet.

The key for the success has been a continuous application of improvements supported by the advances of the IT. It has been a progressive and non-disruptive transformation project in which the Tax Agency´s IT Department has focused on assisting the taxpayer in every year modification and avoiding digital gaps.