The Spanish Tax Agency launches new virtual assistance services in the field of tax collection

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After having launched assistance services for VAT (virtual assistant, locator, calculators, among others) and for central issues, the Spanish Tax Agency has taken a further step to assist taxpayers in the tax collection field and has launched two calculators: a calculator for payment deadlines and a calculator of interests and deferrals.


  • The calculator of payment deadlines allows personalized queries in order to know the deadline to pay taxes and other debts managed by the Tax Agency. In this way, citizens may verify the status of the debt and the actions that the Tax Agency may take.
  • The calculator of interests and deferrals allows knowing the interest charges imposed on tax debts and other debts managed by the Tax Agency. This service is divided into three blocks: one calculates interests of deferrals and installments; another calculates delay interests of late payment of tax debts, and the last one calculates delay interests of non-tax debts managed by the AEAT.


In this way, citizens will easily know the interests to be paid, the interest rate and its breakdown in days. A news item has been posted on the website of the AEAT ( informing on this development and including a couple of examples on how to use both calculators. All virtual assistance services are grouped under a specific banner on the front page of the Spanish Tax Agency.

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