The Spanish Tax Agency Revamps Its Website

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The Spanish Tax Agency has launched a new website that unifies the information portal and the electronic office, so that all services will become accessible under a thematic structure of contents and procedures that will make navigation more comfortable and agile for the taxpayer, thus improving the user experience.

To facilitate a smooth transition from the current website to the new one, during the first months the new page will only be offered to the user through access from the traditional page, in autumn the old website will take a back seat and it will definitively disappear by the end of the year. The new website will be accessible by entering the usual address (

Design, search, and navigation improvements

The new website has a modern design to facilitate navigation and a vision and language oriented to the user, with explanations and descriptions of the procedures.

In the same line of offering simplicity and comfort, the web search engine has been improved to facilitate finding the informative contents and the procedures. In addition, users are granted access to their personal area from the home page, so that they can view their files, censal data, notifications and documents pending of signature.

The home page shows the user three main sections: a block of content that will change over time (carousel or slider), another with the most relevant procedures, and a third (information and formalities) structured by topics that gives access to the different procedures and informative content.

In the 'carousel', the user will find, as an example, the campaigns for filing the most relevant tax returns, or notices considered to be particularly significant on a given date.

The highlighted procedures, on the other hand, are grouped into five categories identified with different graphic icons (filing of returns, electronic registration, appointments, payments and deferrals, and notifications sent by the Agency).


Structured in tiles by themes

The third large block of the home page is composed of 16 tiles, offering access to information and procedures, either by taxes (Personal Income Tax, VAT, Corporate, others), by profiles of taxpayers (entrepreneurs, companies, citizens, travellers and non-residents), by subjects (Customs, vehicles, housing); or by type of procedure (informative returns, collaboration, registers and debts).

This structure provides users with more convenient and intuitive access to the contents of their interest. In addition, the navigation structure has been simplified and the contents hierarchized by topics, subtopics and pieces of information.

Before the footer, the home page contains and a fast track to some subjects of interest, the latest information (news, press releases and statistics) and a section with manuals, videos and brochures.