State Revenue Service of Latvia publishes Annual Report of 2015

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State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia informs that the Annual Report of 2015 in English is published and can be found in the homepage: .

In 2015, several significant improvements and novelties were introduced in the activities of the SRS to improve tax collection, promote the voluntary compliance of tax obligations and reduce informal economy.

The year of 2015 started with the opening of the first State Single Customer Service Centre in the administrative building of the SRS, meaning that clients have access to services provided by both the SRS and other institutions such as the State Employment Agency, the State Labor Inspectorate and the State Social Insurance Agency.

One of the main SRS priorities is improving the quality of tax and customs customer service and improving information systems, which facilitates the development of e-services. Therefore, in 2015, we continued improving, modernizing and simplifying the SRS Electronic Declaration System, introducing new and more convenient services to reduce administrative burden for taxpayers and simplify the fulfilment of tax obligations. Significant improvements were introduced in the Electronic Customs Data Processing System, as well as new e-services were developed on the single portal of State and local government services — “Online Customs Payments”.

Constant development and improvement of SRS e-services is assessed publicly as well — the project “Electronic Salary Tax Booklet” implemented by the SRS in 2015 received the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Award “Platīna pele 2015” (Platinum Mouse 2015). This was the third time when e-projects implemented by the SRS received the most significant Latvian Information and Communications Technology Award “Platīna pele” (Platinum Mouse). Until now, the SRS received it for the SRS Electronic Declaration System (2007) and for the project “Development of the Electronic Customs Data Processing System” (2014).

The SRS is an institution oriented towards the improvement of constructive cooperation with taxpayers and aimed at achieving the high level of fulfilment of tax obligations. SRS understands that the quality of customer service is of high significance in promoting the voluntary compliance. The SRS was particularly gratified for the award on the high quality assessment of customer service by the public within the framework of the campaign “Uzslavē labu servisu!” (Praise Good Service!). SRS was recognized as the most appraised excellent service provider in the category “State and Local Government Institutions”.