State Tax Service of Moldova approves the Strategic Development Program for 2021-23

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The State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova approved the Strategic Development Program of the institution for the period 2021-2023.

The program was developed in accordance with the provisions of Government Decision no. 176/2011 on the approval of the Methodology for elaboration of strategic development programs of central public administration authorities, it was subject to public consultations, according to Government Decision no. 967/2016 on the mechanism of public consultation with civil society in the decision-making process and also consulted with external assistance experts from the US Treasury and the Swedish Tax Agency, the objections and comments provided being taken into account in drawing up the final draft of the program.

The State Tax Service has identified and proposed 4 general development objectives, for the period 2021 - 2023, as follows:

  1. Institutional development;
  2. Strengthening the service process and taxpayers’ records;
  3. Strengthening the management of voluntary and forced compliance;
  4. Upgrading the information technologies.

The measures included in the Program will have not only fiscal, but also administrative, economic, environmental, and social impact, such as:

  • increasing the degree of taxpayers’ voluntary compliance;
  • increasing the tax revenues managed by the State Tax Service;
  • high level of fiscal discipline among taxpayers;
  • predictability in tax policy;
  • high level of transparency in the activity;
  • increased confidence of citizens and the business environment in the tax institution;
  • high level of response to the needs of people with disabilities;
  • efficient and effective institutional management;
  • informational capabilities to respond to and comply with taxpayers' requests;
  • personalized approach of different groups in the interaction with the tax authority;
  • reducing the time to comply with tax liabilities.

Some of the most important measures relate to:

  • Centralization and concentration of STS subdivisions in a single location;
  • Development of the STS website  by integrating all electronic services and suspending the website;
  • Development of the mechanism for managing, declaring, and paying the tax liabilities through a mobile application;
  • Streamlining and strengthening tax audit of individuals through indirect methods and sources;
  • Carrying out tax compliance actions on high risk segments: envelope wages, passenger car transport, e-commerce.

The Strategic Development Program of the STS for the years 2021–2023 is placed on the official website of the tax authority and can be accessed here.