Tax and Customs Authority of Portugal innovates tax payments

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The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) has a new mobile application that allows taxpayers to keep track of their tax situation at any time and settle payments of due taxes. The APP can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android systems under the name "Situação Fiscal - Pagamentos". This new application sends alerts and facilitates the settlement of due taxes by providing three means of payment.

The login into the application is done by filling in the taxpayer identification number and the taxpayer's password, as it happens in the tax administration’s portal (Portal das Finanças). The APP presents four areas: the cadastral; which contains taxpayer’s basic identification data, another that links directly to the Treasury's website, and two more, relating to reimbursements and payments - the latter with more features.

In the reimbursements’ area, the window displays a list of the refunds issued, paid, canceled or reactivated by the Treasury, and corresponding amounts.

In the payments’ area, the information is divided into twoparts: one for payments within deadline, in the voluntary collection stage; and one for the overdue payments, in the coercive collection phase.

In each case, three options are presented to taxpayer, depending on the environment that is most comfortable for him/her: ATM payment references; information for payment via MB WAY (requiring adherence to SIBS mobile application); and information for payment through QRCode, for use in the face-to-face payment locations that are equipped with the respective reading device.

Taxpayer is advised by notifications, both if he/she is entitled to be reimbursed or where there is shortage of money.

The payment solutions are similar to those provided on the taxpayers’ personal page in the tax administration’s portal, where it is also possible to consult in detail the outstanding processes.

Under the motto "pay your taxes in a convenient, simple and safe way", these new features made available by Tax and Customs Authority aim to contribute to reducing taxpayers' levels of non-compliance and make tax revenues more timely.