Training for new IOTA PCPs was held for the first time

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 The Principal Contact Persons (PCPs) or their representatives from 33 IOTA member administrations met on 5-6 November in Budapest. They also had the opportunity to meet the President’s representative, who informed them about the on-going discussions to date in the IOTA Executive Council.

On the margins of the main forum two other meetings were held.

As a new form of engagement with recently nominated PCPs, having hardly any or no experience in working with IOTA, a training session was held to introduce them into the work of IOTA and to enhance their understating of their role in the Organisation right from the start. This initiative, including the opportunity to meet the entire IOTA Secretariat staff, was very much appreciated by the new colleagues.

Moreover, the “good practice”, introduced two years ago by the Swiss Presidency, of holding a preparatory meeting with selected PCPs to commonly define the agenda of the next PCP Forum was continued with the participation of 11 members. This meeting was held on 6-7 November.

The participants of the forum expressed their gratitude and thanked the Secretariat for the fruitful organisation of the main forum and encourged the Secretariat to continue both with the training session and the preparatory meeting in the future.