UK HMRC in the headlines

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 The UK HMRC Press Office publishes the snapshot each month – the latest reflects HMRC references in 3,440 media items between 2 June and 6 July.


The latest media snapshot looks at how the UK HMRC Tax Administration featured in the news during June and early July. Among the headlines were:

• HMRC’s success enforcing the National Minimum Wage, with more than 22,000 underpaid workers receiving pay arrears totalling £4.6 million;
• a tribunal ruling that a £32 million fine imposed by Formula 1’s ruling body on McLaren Racing is not tax deductible.

Fifty per cent of the coverage was online, 24 per cent in newspapers and 16 per cent in magazines and trade publications.

Sixty seven percent of the coverage referred to the Department in a positive way, ten per cent was negative and the rest neutral.

HMRC issued 237 tweets during this time. The Department's Twitter account, run by the Press Office, now has more than 100,000 followers.