Use of IT Tools and Data Forensics in Identifying Tax Evasion Cases

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 This IOTA organised workshop took place in Budapest, Hungary, on 11 - 13 March 2015 and focused on the IT tools used to obtain data both from the internet and taxpayer systems; and the analysis of the data to identify cases of tax evasion.
The objective of the workshop was to examine different IT tools and software solutions to support IOTA member tax administrations with effective identification of tax evasion cases, with particular regard to innovative approaches to using new data sources offered by new technologies in pre-audit/verification and audit/investigation processes.
The delegates had the opportunity to discuss the major challenges that tax administrations face in identifying new sources of data, obtaining taxpayer data from e-mails, mobile devices, the Cloud, etc.; common trends and patterns in tax evasion/fraud cases identified by using these tools; positive and negative aspects of having a dedicated IT-forensics and Internet Monitoring teams within tax administration, and the necessary technical knowledge and skills required of the investigators to effectively conduct IT-forensics and Deep Web Investigation.
Full details of the presentations, topics discussed and the comments from the group sessions are available on the IOTA website for registered users.