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Georgia TADAT Assessment 2020 Demonstrates Significant Improvements

In 2020, a repeated performance assessment of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, was conducted by the IMF using TADAT methodology. According to the 2020 assessment report, compared to the assessment conducted in 2016, 14 indicators of 8 Performance Outcome Areas are improved.

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IOTA Webinar on Social Network Analysis

The IOTA Webinar on Social Network Analysis – Use of the Network Analysis to Detect Tax Frauds was held 10th March 2021. It was IOTA’s largest digital event so far, with over 320 participants joining to watch.

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Publication of IOTA Report on Country-by-Country Reporting

IOTA has just published on its website its latest report “Implementation of “Country-By-Country Reporting” Into Internal Rules and Procedures”. The report provides up-to-date information and effective solutions concerning the practical implementation of the minimum standard of BEPS Action 13 (“Country-by-Country Reporting”).

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IOTA Webinar on Quality and Effective Use of ‘Country-by-Country Reporting’ Data

The IOTA Webinar on Quality and Effective Use of ’Country-by-Country Reporting’ (CbCR) Data took place on 24th February 2021. It was one of IOTA’s biggest digital events so far, counting 156 attendants from 39 countries. The event focused on the implications of the OECD 2020 CbCR Review for IOTA members and the effective use of the CbC data.

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Customer Service Satisfaction Survey at AT, Portugal

The Tax and Customs Authority of Portugal conducted a telephone survey with the aim of assessing taxpayer satisfaction with the service provided during 2020, evaluating the impact on citizens of the measures taken to mitigate the constraints imposed by the pandemic, in particular, regarding the strengthening of non-face-to-face service channels and the organisation of face-to-face service by appointment. About 90% of respondents have evaluated positively the service provided by the AT in 2020.

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OECD-IOTA Virtual Roundtable on Tax Morale

This virtual roundtable on cooperation and trust, jointly organised and co-chaired by the OECD and IOTA, was held on 20th January 2021.  The event was aimed at launching a dialogue process on tax morale between businesses and governments.

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A Single Tax Account Has Replaced Over 40 Tax Accounts in Latvia

To reduce the administrative burden, payments administered by the State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia can be made into a single tax account as of 1 January 2021. Previously, payments were made to over 40 accounts. Now, all inland taxes administered by the SRS are paid in one account.

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The State Revenue Service of Latvia has introduced a new electronic submission “Resident certificate – tax relief application”

To reduce the administrative burden on taxpayers in complying with elimination of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion, the State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia has created a new form in the Electronic Declaration System (EDS) that will facilitate the process of submitting and receiving the Resident Certificate – tax relief application (Certificate).