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IOTA releases Report on Debt Management Performance Measurement

The IOTA project on “Measuring Debt Management Performance ”, sponsored by the Belgian General Administration for Collection and Debt Recovery, was finalised with the publication of the project report and online overview of Key Performance Indicators. This report comes at a time when debt remains at a very high level. The total year-end tax debt in 2015 for the 29 IOTA member countries that provided this figure to the 2017 Tax Administration series stands at approximately euro 929,565,000,000.

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A new seconded International Taxation Expert started working in the Secretariat

A new project-based International Taxation Expert started working in the IOTA Secretariat on 4th June. Mr Vegard Holmedahl, a seconded expert from the Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA), will be responsible for IOTA’s important international project, the ISORA. Vegard participated in the ISORA Technical Working Group on behalf of IOTA in 2015 and 2016, preparing the 2016 iteration of the survey and supporting the IOTA Secretariat already in validating survey responses. He also contributed in the ISORA training workshops for IOTA members this April.

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IOTA Tax Professional Learning & Development Forum

51 training and HR managers gathered this week from 31 IOTA tax administrations for the “Tax Professional Learning & Development Forum” in Warsaw hosted by the Ministry of Finance of Poland. The Forum was prepared by a Steering Group which greatly contributed to making this Forum an informal, dynamic and interactive exchange of experiences in developing staff.

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IOTA is heading towards better governance and more targeted services

The 112th meeting of the Executive Council (EC) of IOTA took place on 23 - 24 May 2018 in Tbilisi, hosted by the Revenue Service of Georgia. EC members discussed many important issues related to the professional and operational functioning of the organisation and endorsed documents to be approved by the IOTA membership in the 22nd General Assembly of IOTA in June. EC members agreed that 2017 was a successful year for IOTA with many novelties introduced and that it will continue with more efficient governance and providing targeted services to the members.

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IOTA is a founding member of the Network of Tax Organisations

In the margins of the 52nd General Assembly of CIAT, the Executive Secretary of IOTA signed the MoU that establishes a Network of Tax Organisations (NTO), a new network of regional and international organisations of revenue administrations created to provide a forum for cooperation and coordination among its members. The other members of the NTO are ATAF, ATAIC, CATA, CIAT, COTA, CREDAF, PITAA and WATAF.