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“CHANGE IS WINNING CONTEST" - Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority

Tax and Customs Authority from Portugal has joined MUDA – the Movement for Active Digital Use to promote the participation of the Portuguese into the digital world and help them to take advantage of the benefits associated with digital services.

The “Change is Winning Contest” is an initiative that aims to encourage the adherence to digital services provided by the different Entities Adhering to the Contest with the aim of promoting a more active, informed and responsible digital use by citizens.

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George J. Pitsilis reappointed to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue in Greece

George J. Pitsilis, current President of IOTA, recently renewed his appointment by the Greek Government for a third term in a row, this time for a five-year duration, as Governor of the IAPR (Independent Authority for Public Revenue, Greece).

It's the first time in the modern history of Greece that an executive in such a crucial position gets approval by two different governments.


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Published: Strategic Workforce Planning Guide

This Guide was published on 17 January, 2020. It is the output of the IOTA Project “Rightsizing the workforce in tax administration” sponsored by the Federal Public Service Finances of Belgium. The publication is a practical and hands-on toolbox that can be used as a guide by IOTA members which are interested to implement strategic workforce planning in their tax administrations.

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Avatars, Spotify playlists and happy employees – IOTA held its first Forum on Communication

The first IOTA Forum on Communication was hosted by the IOTA Secretariat and took place on 10-12 December, 2019 in Budapest. The Forum brought together senior officials working in the field of communication in IOTA member tax administrations from both EU and non-EU countries. 51 participants from 26 countries gathered to achieve a greater practical understanding and awareness, exchange practices and discuss the latest trends in communication. 

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Member countries shared their experience at the Workshop on introduction of online invoicing

An IOTA Workshop on „Introduction of online invoicing – Experiences of IOTA member tax authorities” was organised in Budapest in partnership with the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration, on 3-5 December 2019. Forty-eight participants from 28 IOTA member countries gathered to exchange practises and methodologies related to online invoicing. IT companies were also actively present at the workshop sharing their expertise on online invoicing systems.