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24th General Assembly was held successfully in the digital space

After our inevitable decision to transform all IOTA events to digital due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the largest and the most important event, the General Assembly, looked different this year and was conducted virtually. All the members of the IOTA Secretariat worked hard in the last months to find and test the best methods to make this event run smoothly and successfully with the most convenient digital and online solutions for presenting, voting and participating in the debates.

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Republic of Lithuania's measures on Covid-19 crisis

In order to help microenterprises cope with the COVID-19 crisis, the government of the Republic of Lithuania passed a decision No. 474 on implementation of a certain measure, aimed to reduce the negative consequences of the aforementioned crisis.

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The latest collaborative OECD report on recovery planning after the Covid-19 crisis

This third Covid-19 reference document by OECD Forum on Tax Administration - FTA, in cooperation with the Inter-American Center of TaxAdministrations - CIAT and the Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations - IOTA, looks at some of the main measures that tax administrations may wish to consider in their planning for the recovery period from the pandemic.