43rd Edition of Tax Tribune

            In this magazine, you can find the following articles:

Regional Consultation on International Tax Matters for Eurasia (joint OECD-IOTA event)

Next regional consultation on the developments on the Two-Pillar Solution to address the tax challenges of digitalisation

2nd Annual International Conference of IOTA - Tax Governance and Data Security

IOTA Conference will explore the ways for sustaining a fair and sound interaction between tax administration and society/stakeholders, and how tax administrations can best meet taxpayer expectations and provide the assurance about the confidentiality of tax information.

IOTA Webinar on Use of Big Data and the Deployment of Analytics

On 31 May 2023, IOTA successfully broadcast another successful Webinar, this time on “Use of Big Data and the Deployment of Analytics”. Over 240 participants from 30 IOTA member tax administrations gathered in the virtual space in order to learn about recent developments in the use of big data and about the use of different analytical models used to tackle non-compliance.

IOTA Webinar on Optimisation of Tax Declaration Processes for Individuals

On 17 May 2023, IOTA accomplished another impressive digital event. The Webinar on “Optimisation of Tax Declaration Processes for Individuals” welcomed a distinguished group of speakers from IOTA member administrations such as Estonia, Finland, Greece, and Italy along with a large number of attendees in the virtual space. This event brought together over 100 tax officials from 26 IOTA member administrations, who had the opportunity to learn about the latest experiences, share best practices and deepen their knowledge of tax declaration processes for individuals, as well as build a valuable network during the IOTA Webinar.


IOTA Special Interest - Case Study Workshop on “Transfer Pricing Special Issues: Intangible Asset Value Creation/Determination”

On 25-27 April 2023, IOTA had the pleasure of hosting the Case Study Workshop on “Transfer Pricing Special Issues: Intangible Asset Value Creation/Determination” in Budapest, Hungary. As the first fully face-to-face technical activity of the year, the Case Study Workshop welcomed 47 tax officials from 27 IOTA member administrations to the event.


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