2nd Annual International Conference of IOTA - Tax Governance and Data Security

IOTA Conference will explore the ways for sustaining a fair and sound interaction between tax administration and society/stakeholders, and how tax administrations can best meet taxpayer expectations and provide the assurance about the confidentiality of tax information.

Forum on the Use of Data from Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

Key topics of the Forum are:  compliance of Financial Institutions -  ensuring quality data; advanced tools and data analytics - approaches to FI and taxpayer compliance; and general trends and future developments.


1st NTO Technical Conference - Building stronger partnerships to fight tax-related Illicit Financial Flows

The NTO Technical Conference 2021 will concentrate on the issue of widening collaboration to tackle tax-related  Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs). The conference will aim at analysing current best international practices of tax administrations regarding the fight against IFFs.


            In this magazine, you can find the following articles:

Tax Debt Management Forum

This meeting of the IOTA Forum will focus on the identification of the successful exit strategies for debt collection and recovery, new recovery measures, including enhanced risk analysis methodologies and redesigned segmentation and profiling of tax debtors in order to minimize the impact of the crisis and prepare for the possible challenges in post-pandemic period.

Workshop on Improving Communication Strategies and Customer Service towards International Taxpayers

The workshop will be on identifying practical solutions for enhancing services to international taxpayers implemented by IOTA member tax administrations, focusing on front-end initiatives – segmentation, direct/proactive communication, application of nudging techniques.


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