The 2023 NTO Technical Conference is to shed light on the current state and required future steps regarding the digitalisation of tax administrations, particularly with regard to these specific topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities for the digital transformation of tax administrations;
  • Tax compliance and enforcement technology;
  • The impact of emerging technologies on revenue administrations

Webinar - Video Event ''Promoting Employee Well-Being''

This IOTA webinar-video event will explore strategies IOTA member tax administrations are employing to address the needs of their employees’ well-being, explain how tax administrations measure different aspects of employee well-being and share practical examples, lessons learnt and plans for the future. 

30th Forum of IOTA Principal Contact Persons

This year’s PCP Forum will focus on the implementation of the new IOTA Strategy 2023-2027 approved by the GA26 in Zurich, Switzerland. Specifically, the Forum will focus on two strategic objectives (sub-objectives): international cooperation and membership engagement.

Forum on the Use of Data from the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

IOTA Forum on the Use of Data from AEOI aims to discuss and share best practices to effectively use the CRS data, as well as increase the effectiveness of automatic exchanges of information.



Workshop “Contact Centre of the Future: Digital Transformation Best Practices”

The aim of the workshop is to share IOTA member tax administrations’ experiences of implementing digital transformation in order to improve the operation of Contact Centre functions.

The event will be a mix of presentations and Q&A in plenary along with the sharing of experiences, ideas and issues in working groups. The topics of presentations at the plenary sessions will focus on the challenges, difficulties and best practices regarding:

Human Resource Management Forum

The Forum plans to discuss different Learning  and Development (L&D) practices of IOTA member countries with a focus on two main aspects: 

 -  People (L&D strategies, future skills, leadership, mentoring and coaching);

  - Platforms and technologies (online training tools, blended learning, knowledge transfer, learning management systems).

Forum on Implementation of Measures to counter Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS)

  The meeting of the IOTA Forum on BEPS will cover strategies, methods, approaches and best practices adopted to counter various BEPS challenges facing by tax administrations.

Digital Workshop “Understanding and Mitigating the Disinformation Threats in Tax Administration”

The main objective of the IOTA workshop is to clarify the threat level of disinformation in the environment of tax administration and basic proposals for lowering the severity of the threat and handling the impacts.


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