IOTA Annual International Conference

The Annual International Conference Transforming Tax Administration and Involving Tax Payers in Developing Better Compliance and Business Processes offered tax administration senior executives the opportunity to exchange views and best practices. For further information please visit the Agenda and all Presentations.

Establishing IT Forensic Laboratory for Tax Purposes

How to start and set-up a Forensic Unit in tax administration to use digital evidence in the fight aganist non-compliance and fraud. For Balkan countries exclusively.

Tracking Cash Flow in Relation to E-commerce Activities

The workshop will facilitate exchange of IOTA member tax administrations' knowledge and experiences regarding their co-operation with banks and other third parties in following payment/transaction/cash flows generated by e-commerce business.

Practical Implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information - (joint IOTA-Fiscalis 2020 Programme workshop)

Sharing views and experiences of practical implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) .
The main objective of this joint IOTA-Fiscalis 2020 Programme workshop is to share experiences and views of practical implementation of the AEoI between the member tax administrations.
This workshop would also contribute to coordination of activities between the Fiscalis 2020 Programme and IOTA work programme offering opportunities for cross-participation into workshops and organisation of joint events.

Meeting of Debt Management Steering Group

The next meeting of the IOTA Steering Group on Debt Management is organized on 1-2 June 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

Best Practices for Improving Processes and Procedures in Tax Administrations

This event will examine how tax administrations eliminate or automate labour intensive, duplicative or unnecessary activities by reviewing internal processes to improve them through the use of relatively simple techniques.

Non-filers and Stop-filers: Identifying Effective Solutions to Increase (Voluntary) Tax Compliance

As the tax administrations do not have sufficient resources to pursue all non-filers, they have developed different tools: from risk-scoring models and identification for the underground economy to diverse behaviour studies and modelling instruments. Every tax administration works to ensure that citizens and businesses pay their required share of taxes. A non-filer is an individual, a corporation, or a trust who fails to file a tax return as required by legislation. The treatment has to be different, taking onto accounts the specificity of the non-filer and its intentions. Counterproductive practices have been identified in several tax administrations: assessment of ghost taxpayers, voluntary exaggeration of assessments, systematic audit, etc. On the other hand several countries developed and implemented comprehensive compliance strategies worth sharing with a high potential for added value . The aim of this workshop is to put together different approaches in this field and to compare the results already achieved by tax administrations regarding the treatment of non-filers.

The workshop will be structured around the following approaches towards non-filers and stop-filers: 

1) Pre-treatment : keeping the register clean, identification of non filers, use of reminders and warning
2) Treatment : Channels, actions, estimated assessments, administrative regularisations, prior audits or desk examinations, penalties
3) Post treatment : collection enforcement, ex-post audits, objections and appeals, monitoring

Please note that the Background Note and Country Profile template will be posted here on Wednesday 13th January 2016

The Changing Landscape of Tax Service Providers: Instruments to Strengthen Tax Compliance (Joint OECD-IOTA workshop)

This event will explore business developments in the domain of SMEs and tax service providers and will provide participants with best practices and insights to further develop compliance strategies

23rd Forum of IOTA Principal Contact Persons

The 23rd Forum of the IOTA Principal Contact Persons will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria hosted by National Revenue Agency on 24-25 February 2016.

100th Meeting of the Executive Council

The next meeting of the Executive Council of IOTA will take place in Paris, France hosted by General Directorate of Public Finances on 26-27 January 2016.


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