Area Group on Debt Management

The meeting will facilitate a constructive debate and exchange of experiences on simplifying structures, optimising processes, improving collaborative working with auditing/investigation units and increasing levels of competency of debt officers.

Tax Administration’s Marketing Activities to Inform Taxpayers and Improve Perceptions of Tax System

This workshop will provide opportunities for member tax administrations to share practices about the public marketing campaigns they have made in order to raise awareness of the taxpayers as well as to improve their perception of tax system. This event will focus on actual practical examples of media, television, radio, and social media advertisements, and will include discussions and practical assignments on the topic.

VAT Avoidance - Special Issues

The IOTA workshop will deal with VAT avoidance, not only sharing information about complex schemes but also by trying to provide a way forward on unsolved issues of the attending members. The event will cover the following:

Tax Professional Learning and Development Forum

The main purpose of the Forum is to share knowledge and experience between IOTA member administrations to identify best practices in the field of tax professionals' learning and development (L&D) and, where possible, further contribute to the enhancement of learning activities.

Large Taxpayers Forum

Sharing developments, concerns , best practice and approaches to issues in the Large Taxpayer Sector. This year’s theme is Risk Analysis in the Large Business Segment covering IOTA member’s approaches to, analysing risks, making target selection and sharing new ideas and approaches on risk analysis.

Combating VAT Fraud Forum

This forum meets once per year during its two year mandate, it provides delegates with an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, problems and issues relating to VAT fraud that are in line with the forum mandate. 

Transfer Pricing Issues - Practical and Procedural Aspects of Mutual Agreement Procedure

The main objective of this IOTA Case Study Workshop is to share experiences and to identify best practice in dealing with Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) in combination with Transfer Pricing (TP).


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