Area Group on Debt Management

The meeting is a 2.5 day case study event offering an opportunity for debt managers and debt collection officers to meet and to exchange knowledge and experiences on models of debt payment evasion together with approaches of detection and prevention through a series of participative group work sessions.

Area Group on Debt Management

The meeting is a 1.5 day event offering a constructive debate and exchange of experiences in measuring debt management performance. You will find more information below in the Background Note and Agenda of the meeting.

Meeting of the Steering Group of Tax Professional Learning and Development Forum

The meeting of the Steering Group members will focus on planned activities of the Forum under the Mandate for 2015-2016 and preparation for the meeting of the Forum to be held on 9-11 September 2015 in Baku (Azerbaijan)

Tax Professional Learning and Development Forum

During the course of the Forum’s meeting, delegates will discuss really interesting and potentially important issues, such as: use of webinars, virtual classes, video for professional learning and development, measuring and analysing the effects of training, implementing tax education programs and projects in the schools, etc.

Large Taxpayers Forum

 2015/16 Forum Theme - Corporate/Cooperative Compliance approach to Large Taxpayers

Combating VAT Fraud Forum

Forum Topics - VAT frauds and Alternative Payment Platforms, Organised Cross border VAT Fraud related to import, export and Vat refund schemes for foreign businesses

Latest user manual for PCPs

See attached manuals for PCPs.

Please note the document is counituosly updated because of the development, see at the bottom  the updated date.

If you have any question,  please  don' t hesitate to find me on Wednesdays and Fridays in the office.

(last update for Secretariat 11.06)

Sándor Lak
project manager

Tax Returns: Pre-Filled and Implicit - Existing Methods and Perspectives

Over the last two decades, tax administrations have been using technological solutions to enhance their tax return processing capabilities, in particular those related to the provision of fully or partially completed pre-filled tax returns for the major taxes (personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT) to taxpayers and their representatives.


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