In Partnership for Advancing Tax Administrations – IOTA Strategy 2018-2022

The new strategy of IOTA confirms the organization as the key forum for sharing and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices amongst its members. 

IOTA Strategy 2018-2022 ‘In Partnership for Advancing Tax Administrations’ was adopted in the 21st General Assembly of IOTA on 29 June 2017. It has been prepared based on a wide consultation procedure within membership and points a clear direction for the future of our Organisation. 

IOTA has become an important player in the international tax arena but new challenges of globalization, digital economy and modern technologies require adequate answers and solutions . The strategy proposes improvements in different aspects and areas of IOTA’s activities and processes in order to better assist its member tax administrations in answering these challenges.

Delivery of Services
IOTA will move gradually into a project-oriented model, delivering an annual working programme, which conciliates the priorities previously identified by its members with a flexible approach, designed to address particular needs that might arise in the course of each year.

Better Governance
The internal processes and capabilities will be reviewed in order to make better use of the new technologies and enhance the efficiency of IOTA’s governance. 

More Engagement
The profile of IOTA will be raised within the membership and beyond, by extending the outreach of its outputs and strategic relations and by engaging with external partners in joint projects and initiatives of common interest.

Professionalism, partnership and transparency are the values which will drive IOTA in the coming years when implementing the strategy. The level of achievement of the strategy’s objectives will be regularly measured. 

The key factors for the success of the new IOTA Strategy are the engagement of member countries, the resources available, the outreach of the outputs and the openness towards innovation and experimentation.

Please find the IOTA Strategy 2018 - 2022 here.