IOTA Booklet 2011-2012

Dear Readers,

he year 2012 will witness the further development of the services rendered by IOTA to its Member tax administrations and their officials. The ambitious work programme will address many topics aimed at various practical aspects of tax administration operations.

The set of four case study workshops will focus on the use of false or fictitious invoices to avoid the payment of VAT, tackling VAT losses amongst large businesses, methods of identifying taxpayers involved in cross-border activities, as well as auditing individuals and legal entities in the use of e-money.

Our other workshops will allow to facilitate the exchange of experience in the area of collection of information from the web, use of forensic techniques and tools, training, methods for estimation of tax liabilities, modern taxpayer services, VAT fraud schemes, administrative co-operation and mutual assistance, structure and organisation of tax administration, communication with taxpayers, managing business processes, development and maintenance of data warehouses as well as data mining tools and techniques.

In addition, the three IOTA Area Groups on debt management, prevention and detection of VAT fraud as well as strategic management: benchmarking will work on new publications and outputs.

Thanks to the technical and logistical assistance of the IOTA Membership, the IOTA badge will be present during technical and administrative events in the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Therefore I would like to encourage you to participate in our events and activities in 2012, hoping that the services offered by our Organisation will again meet your expectations and wishes.

Marek Welenczyk, Executive Secretary of IOTA

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