Tax Tribune Magazines

33rd edition of Tax Tribune

This edition of Tax Tribune contains five very informative articles about current issues affecting the work of tax officers. One article is discussing transfer pricing, one the fraud affecting tax revenues and social spending, and three articles are centered around the topic of VAT.

32nd Edition of Tax Tribune

This edition marks a change of format for this IOTA publication as it is the first time that Tax Tribune is published in the format of an e-book. It presents useful information and experience what kind of actions tax administrations can take in order to increase and/or maintain the confidence of citizens in tax administrations.

31st Edition of Tax Tribune

This edition is devoted to the presented and discussed issues at the 18th General Assembly of IOTA, held in Belgrade from 3 to 4 July 2014. The theme of this General Assembly was “Be there on time – Best impact with right timing: engaging taxpayers’ and using information, data and interventions to influence compliance behaviours”.

30th Edition of Tax Tribune

This edition contains articles which are based on presentations delivered at different IOTA workshops. Articles such as “Improving Compliance by Education”, “Providing Assistance to Start Up Business” and “Engaging and Involving SME’s in Tax Administration Processes” all are built on the experiences gained from the interaction with representatives of other tax administrations.

29th Tax Tribune

This edition contains articles organised under five main headings: Tax Fraud, Information Technology in Support of Tax Administrations, Mutual Assistance, Tax Compliance and Human Resources Management. It is not only the topics that cover a wide range of tax administration work, but the geographical distribution of sources of articles is also diverse.