Annual International Conference

18/10/2022 to 19/10/2022
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The Conference will offer an opportunity for the exchange of practical ideas about achievable hybrid transformation that works for the entire tax administration recognising how every operation and function connects and designing the change the organisation needs while understanding the costs and consequences, delivering the technology, skills and spaces needed.


Public information

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue of the Hellenic Republic in collaboration with the lntra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations (IOTA) will host
the IOTA Annual International Conference in Athens on 18th-19th October 2022.

This year’s Annual Conference is going to bring together the commissioners of IOTA member tax administrations along with the representatives of international organisations, the business community and academic society, to foster a debate on “Building a hybrid tax administration for greater agility and resilience in a changing world”. 

As tax administration leaders, IOTA member commissioners face a challenge no leader has faced before. The way tax authorities work and interact with taxpayers has changed forever. Now commissioners of IOTA member tax administrations need to lead their organisations through disruption and ensure it has the agility and resilience needed to stay ahead into the future.

A particular focus of the IOTA Annual Conference will be on:

• Developing a hybrid strategy that works for everybody
• Major organisational elements of the hybrid organisation
• Aligning the organisation’s setup with customer expectations
• Re-considering the organisational capabilities
• Hybrid work models: digitalisation, future workplace
• Advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid organisation
• Measuring the results of a hybrid transformation

This 1.5 day event will connect like-minded tax administration commissioners, senior officials, and tax professionals via a finely curated selection of thought leader keynotes and masterclasses, insightful case presentations and engaging panel discussions to deal with today’s challenges and face tomorrow with confidence by sharing PRACTICAL IDEAS with IMPACT.

Participation in the Conference is by invitation only. Registration details will be sent only to participants who will have received a formal invitation from the IOTA Secretariat.