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Portugal: Operation Free Wheel

The Tax and Customs Authority (AT), through the Oporto Tax Directorate and the Northern Directorate of the Judiciary Police, as part of a joint investigation team led by the Oporto Department of Investigation and Penal Action, conducted 70 searches last January 13th 2021, domiciled and not domiciled, as well as the execution of 7 warrants of arrest outside the flagrante delicto, having as targets companies and individuals operating in the car trade, for suspicion of the practice, among others, of crimes of Fiscal Fraud, Money Laundering and Criminal Association.

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IOTA Presents at Digital Economy Taxation Conference

The high-level online DET Conference was held 14th-15th December 2020 and ran under the theme ’Digitalisation of the Tax Function: The Perspective of Business and Tax Administration’. During these two days, the focus of discussion was on how technology can help businesses and tax administrations in reaching better and more efficient tax compliance. Contributing to the discussion of the topic, Massimo Morarelli, International Taxation Expert at the IOTA Secretariat, gave a presentation during the session ’Using New Technologies to Improve Existing VAT/GST Systems’.

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Second IOTA Talks for PCPs and Shadow PCPs

IOTA Talks is a regular digital event designed for Principal Contact Persons (PCPs) and Shadow PCPs aiming to give a better understanding of decisions made by the Executive Council, forthcoming events and other IOTA activities. The second IOTA Talks, held on 15th December 2020, focused on the outcomes of the 123rd Executive Council Meeting.

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2020 IOTA Forum on Implementation of Measures to Counter Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS)

IOTA’s Forum on Implementation of Measures to Counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) was held digitally on 8th-10th December 2020. 144 participants from 30 countries came together to identify best practices in the way Tax Administrations implement key BEPS Actions. The Forum on BEPS also aims to create opportunities for its members to work collaboratively towards meeting the emerging challenges of implementing the BEPS measures.

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New President of the Slovak Financial Administration

Notice of Change in the position of President of the Slovak Financial Administration. International Relations and Cooperation Department of the Slovak Financial Administration informs about the recent change in position of President of the Slovak Financial Administration.

On 1 December 2020, Mr. Jiří Žežulka was appointed to the position of President of the Slovak Financial Administration. This appointment is the result of the public hearing selection procedure.  

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Rapid Response to COVID-19 Economic Challenges in Armenia

The coronavirus epidemic posed an unexpected challenge to both the world and Armenia. In addition to huge healthcare problems, economic and social challenges emerged. During the epidemic, significant sectors of the economy were forced into inactivity, thus complicating tax collection for the country. In this situation, the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia (SRC) was able to set the right priorities in the difficult process of securing tax revenues.