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International conference marking the 25th anniversary of the State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia

International conference “SRS: Open for Future” took place on 12 September, marking the 25th anniversary of the State Revenue Service (SRS) of the Republic of Latvia. The conference, which was addressed by the Prime Minister of Latvia Mr Māris Kučinskis, brought together entrepreneurs, academics, representatives of public authorities and colleagues from Lithuania Tax and Customs administrations, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Danish Ministry of Taxation and the Swedish Tax Agency. IOTA was represented by Vegard Holmedahl International Tax Expert.

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IOTA will boost activity in assisting its members in capacity building and benchmarking

The first meeting of the Executive Council (EC) during the Belgian Presidency (2018-2019) took place on 12-13 September in Budapest. The main aim of the 114th EC meeting was to discuss the important areas the work will focus in this term. IOTA will offer widened services to its members in the field of capacity building and benchmarking so that IOTA provides more benefit to the membership.

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IOTA's latest Newsletter

See our latest E-NEWSLETTER where you will find information on:


our upcoming events this year, such as the Lisbon Tax Summit  in October,


the conclusions of the discussion on digital transformation in our General Assembly in Bratislava,


who is IOTA's new President and which countries are in the new Executive Council,


our recent training and forum and our latest book, magazine and report,


where IOTA participated in international events


and news from some of our member tax administrations. 


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BLOCKWALKS conference in Bratislava in October: the future of the public sector using blockchain technology

The rapid growth of blockchain technology is set to play a key role in advancing the public sector over the coming years, as well as broader changes to our society as a whole. BLOCKWALKS has been organized to start an ongoing dialogue of how these changes can and will affect us and how these changes can be used for our good and progress.

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Structural Reforms at the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan

The organisational structure of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan was modified on 2 July, 2018 in order to improve the efficiency of overall management, establish a modern tax administration with dynamic structure and enhance monitoring over tax payments.

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IOTA's 22nd General Assembly: fruitful discussion on digital transformation

Several aspects of the impact of digitalisation on tax administrations such as tax compliance, internal processes, human resources and relations with their customers and stakeholders were discussed during the Technical Session of IOTA’s 22nd General Assembly which concluded yesterday in Bratislava. The Assembly was attended by more than 200 participants from tax administrations, from international organisations (such as CIAT, European Commission, IMF, OECD, World Bank), businesses and academia.

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Belgium will hold the next Presidency of IOTA

IOTA’s 22nd General Assembly’s Administrative session successfully concluded with electing the new Presidency and Executive Council and with the approval of the work program and the budget for next year.

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The 22nd General Assembly of IOTA starts today

The 22nd General Assembly starts today in Bratislava.

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