Upcoming events

7 Jun.
This IOTA event will focus on member tax administrations’ strategies for exploring and promoting employee well-being.

The main objectives of this event are to share country examples of initiatives taken to promote all aspects of employee well-being: physical, mental, social, professional, and financial.

13 Jun. to 15 Jun.
The Forum will focus on new VAT fraud trends and on concrete cases of organised cross-border VAT fraud
( PCPT2_2023 )
16 Jun.
This regular digital event is designed for PCPs and Shadow PCPs of IOTA.
( FO_TDM_2023 )
3 Oct. to 5 Oct.
Budapest, Hungary
( FO_COM_2023 )
10 Oct. to 12 Oct.
Budapest, Hungary
14 Nov. to 16 Nov.
Budapest, Hungary
5 Dec. to 7 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary
12 Dec. to 14 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary