Upcoming events

9 Apr. to 10 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary
Joint IOTA-OECD event on the use and collection of data for the International Survey on Revenue Administration (ISORA)
Target group for this training are the country coordinators for ISORA. The focus will be on the ISORA questionnaire, data definitions and data reporting through the RA-FIT online data-capturing tool.
12 Apr. to 13 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary
Kindly note that the registration form for this event is available on the event page for Workshop 1.
The contents and target group for this workshop are the same as for workshop 1 on ISORA (please see event page for Workshop 1).
24 Apr. to 26 Apr.
Tbilisi, Georgia
This IOTA workshop will address the latest developments and the future of taxpayer services, use of cutting-edge technologies and new methods to deliver e-Services.
29 May. to 31 May.
Warsaw, Poland
This year’s TPLD Forum will focus on solutions to closing the gaps in training and development programmes.
5 Jun. to 7 Jun.
Budapest, Hungary