Our Publications

IOTA prepares and issues several types of products to complement its technical activities programme and the other services the Organisation provides for its members. The primary products of IOTA are:



Tax Tribune

IOTA Book is a yearly publication that is published some months after the General Assembly of IOTA takes place. Although the Assembly is an administrative event, its second part always focuses on an important topic relevant in that year. The IOTA Book gathers the most interesting topics and speakers who presented on the Assembly. The articles are written by the speakers, the publication is a collection of the most up to date information and ideas around one topic. In the recent years these are: HR (2019), digitalisation (2018), tax governance (2017).

A magazine of IOTA dealing with contemporary practical issues in tax administrations. The first edition was issued in 1998. Over the past years it issued articles on strategies and instruments for the improvement and efficiency of the tax administration, CLO, VAT fraud investigation, taxpayer services, internal control, tax audits, measuring performance, taxation of e-transactions, training, exchange of information etc. Tax Tribune has successfully provided area for tax administration members to share their views and experiences by releasing their articles. The new editions of Tax Tribunes differ from the previous issues, they also contain interviews, stories, news, etc. and provide readers with information about the organisation and its members.

IOTA Papers

Task Team Outputs 

A series of short papers written by officials from IOTA member countries (mainly speakers at IOTA workshops) and IOTA partners where they share their views, knowledge and experiences in relevant issues for tax administrations. You will find articles on hot topics such as taxation of the sharing economy, country experiences in joint audits and MAP practices, data analytics and tackling VAT fraud. etc. Papers are published continuously in order to ensure constant flow of information on relevant issues for tax administrations. 

Publications arising out of work of the Task Teams, which are linked to Area Groups. Area Groups differ fundamentally from the other technical activities of IOTA as it aims to facilitate regular contact between the same individuals from a wide group of the member tax administrations. The outputs from Task Teams can take a number of forms such as good practice guides, reports or comparative studies.