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Good Practice Guide on Applying Data and Analytics in Tax Administrations

The Good Practice Guide on Applying Data and Analytics in Tax Administrations offers you wide selection of insights of more than ten European countries in data management, predictive modelling, social network analysis, data visualisation, random audits, web scraping, etc. Read our innovative and online Guide and gain useful information from this collection of good practices.

Self-Service for Tax Compliance

This e-book contains articles on the subject of “Self-Service for Tax Compliance”. Tax administrations are in a process of increasing the use of modern information and communication technology to improve taxpayer services, compliance, and internal efficiency.

IOTA Booklet 2014

2014 will see the further development of the events and activities delivered by the Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations. This year will see the introduction of a new website and the Tax Administration Information Platform (TIP), two major projects in delivering the IOTA Strategy 2012 -2017. We will also continue to deliver an ambitious work programme on the topics selected by our members aiming to promote co-operation between tax administrations in the European region and support their development.

IOTA Booklet 2011-2012

The year 2012 will witness the further development of the services rendered by IOTA to its Member tax administrations and their officials. The ambitious work programme will address many topics aimed at various practical aspects of tax administration opera- tions. Marek Welenczyk Executive Secretary of IOTA