About our events

The Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations has technical events and administrative events. Technical events are workshops organised in order to facilitate cooperation of tax administrations and exchange of experience and views. Our administrative events are dealing with internal issues of IOTA, such as strategic, administrative and financial issues.

Technical events:

Technical events are planned and implemented in accordance with the mission and strategic objectives of the Organisation and relevant needs of the IOTA membership. The most important aim is to promote co-operation between the tax administrations in the European region and support their development by promoting exchange of experience and best practice. An IOTA event is an opportunity to bring the tax officials of IOTA Members together to examine specific topics, discuss problems relating to tax administration issues, prepare the draft of IOTA publications and elaborate solutions of case studies.

Technical events aim to:

  • Provide a vehicle to exchange information and share knowledge, specialisation and experience of other tax administrations;
  • Establish a basis for good common practice and develop guidance;
  • Provide improved understanding of procedures amongst administrations;
  • Create a network of colleagues and experts in specific areas of tax administration.


Technical events generally consist of an activity with a number of plenary sessions and group work sessions. The aim is to hear the different views of all participating IOTA Members and to learn about their approaches in dealing with tax administration issues.

The formats of technical events:

Case Study Workshop (CSW): practical in nature, combining presentations of selected case studies with the opportunity for all participants to share their own views and opinions on the approach to resolving the issues raised by each case study.
Workshop (WP): stand-alone event dealing with a specific and usually topical tax administration issue identified in co-operation with member administrations.
Special Interest Workshop (SIW): seeks to identify a specific need within a smaller group of current member tax administrations and to provide an event to meet this need. The need to follow up any technical topic can come up from previous technical events proposed by either member tax administrations or the IOTA Secretariat.
Hot Topic Workshop (HTW): addresses the major issues and challenges faced by individual tax administrations.
Area Group Meeting (AG): provide a platform for the creation of a network of personnel from Member tax administrations who are specialists in a particular area of practical tax administration.
Steering Group Meeting (SGM): steers the achievement of overall objectives by IOTA Area Group or Forum, including the assignments allocated to the task teams/work groups; fosters discussions within the members of IOTA Area Group.
Forum (FO): brings together leading members of interest groups and other senior personnel from Member tax administrations to meet annually and discuss ongoing developments and new methodologies in the field of interest.




Administrative events

The Administrative Programme covers a wide range of various events and activities enabling to run IOTA in all the aspects regulated by the provisions of the relevant legislative acts as well as the statutory and regulative administrative and financial documents of the Organisation.

Administrative Activities broadly aim to:

  • Draft, amend and approve the statutory documents, strategies and internal documents and regulations;
  • Review and approve the admission requests for membership of the Organisation;
  • Elect the statutory bodies of the Organisation;
  • Review reports and activities of the Organisation;
  • Control and monitor the activities of the Organisation;
  • Discuss and define the forms of cooperation among the membership.


IOTA administrative events are delivered in the following formats:

  • General Assembly (GA)
  • Executive Council Meeting (EC)
  • Strategic Working Group & Project Group (SWG, PG)
  • Internal Audit (IA)
  • PCP Forum (PCP)