The Newest Possibilities and Future Trends of Taxpayer Services

24/04/2018 to 26/04/2018
Tbilisi, Georgia
Short description

This IOTA workshop will address the  latest developments and the future of taxpayer services, use of cutting-edge technologies and new methods to deliver e-Services. 


The aim of this workshop will be to get acquainted with forward-looking digital solutions applied in IOTA member countries in order to increase customer understanding, use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in taxpayer services as well as develop tailor-made service paths for diversified customer segments.  Furthermore, the event will provide a great occasion for experts to share new ideas for solutions and to discuss the use of cutting-edge mobile technology, pre-populated tax returns, special client identification methods, digital communication channels, new possibilities that Big Data and AI solutions could offer to address taxpayer needs as well as electronic possibilities of intermediaries.