IOTA Executive Secretary


Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations (IOTA)

Organisation info:


International Organisation

Date posted:

4th of February 2019


Budapest, Hungary

Full time / Part time:

Full time

Submission deadline:

1st of April 2019


1st of October 2019


36 months


The Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations (IOTA) is a non-profit Organisation that provides a forum to assist members in the European region to improve tax administration. The Secretariat of the Organisation is located in Budapest, the Republic of Hungary. The Organisation has got 44 member tax administrations, offering a series of products to its members’ tax administrations, such as administrative and technical events, technical enquiries, a tax data portal, publications and others.

We are looking for an outstanding individual who can ensure a high standard management of the Secretariat of the organisation and contribute to strategic planning and formulation of IOTA policies and strategies, delivering IOTA outputs and consolidating its role in the tax international framework.

The IOTA Secretariat is comprised of staff employed by IOTA and staff seconded from member tax administrations. The successful candidate will be appointed as Executive Secretary of IOTA and should therefore be able to demonstrate that she/he has the competence and capacity to deal with all aspects of the work carried out by IOTA.

In particular, the successful candidate must be able to demonstrate clearly her/his career achievements so far, referring to the corresponding qualities, skills and experiences as stipulated in this call for the position of Executive Secretary.

Job Description

The Executive Secretary will be expected to:

  • Actively contribute to the development and promotion of IOTA and to the shaping, development and delivery of IOTA’s priorities, according to the IOTA Strategy 2018-2022 objectives, action-lines and key performance indicators;
  • Work cohesively and constructively with the Executive Council of IOTA in driving forward the development of the Organisation and the delivery on its goals, strategies and business priorities;
  • Represent IOTA and participate actively in external engagement with key stakeholders and other international organisations in close cooperation with the President and the Executive Council;
  • Understand the challenges public administrations are facing and maintain close contact with member states for a clear understanding of their needs and particularities;
  • Implement new and modern communication techniques, capture tangible results from the IOTA activities, and communication of these results to the membership of the Organisation, using new technologies;
  • Manage the Secretariat and allocate resources to maximize performance and ensure delivery of all key business programme and priorities;
  • Exercise the rights of employer over the employees of the Secretariat and be accountable for the day to day management of the operations of the Secretariat;


Required Experience and Competencies

To be considered for appointment to this key role, the applicant must have:

  • Significant management experience at a senior level, including project management, management and development of resources, change management and a track record of delivery to a high standard and within budget, even in challenging circumstances;
  • The ability to work on his/her own initiative, take decision and provide leadership to and implement appropriate performance management of the Secretariat members;
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills required to operate effectively at a senior level;
  • A relevant university or equivalent qualification;
  • An excellent command of written and oral English and the skill to deliver presentations and make official appearance;
  • A strong work ethics;
  • Experience of successful working in the international arena (including, relationship building-networking, tact, diplomacy and negotiation skills).
In particular, the applicant should meet the following competences:

Strategic Leadership and management

  • Contribute significantly to the shaping and implementation of the strategies, policies and operational objectives of the organisation;
  • Lead and manage the implementation of change, reform and continuous improvement;
  • Develop capability and capacity across the Secretariat through effective delegation;
  • Develop a culture of learning and development offering coaching and constructive/ supportive feedback;
  • Create a workplace where cultural diversity is valued and and individual and team work are enhanced.
  • Review projects and initiatives to ensure delivery using relevant project management methodologies.
  • Ensure the optimal use of information and communication technology both for internal and external purposes.

Building Relationships and Demonstrates Diplomatic Sensitivity

  • Engage with colleagues and counterparts at all levels in a widely dispersed Organisation and in other international organisations, building sustainable networks and partnerships;
  • Anticipate political sensitivities and complexities and responds in a constructive manner;
  • Search compromise and balance aimed at enhancing co-operation and collaboration within IOTA;

Judgement and Decision Making

  • Makes sound and timely well substantiated decisions in full understanding of their impact;
  • Recognize inter-dependencies between complex issues and address the highlevel implications, considering political sensitivities;
  • Speak and write in a clear, concise and impactful manner.

Achievement and Commitment

  • Assesses performance against targets and identifies areas for improvement;
  • Promotes a culture that fosters the highest standards of ethics and integrity;
  • Is personally resilient trustworthy, honest and respectful, delivering on promises and commitments.


Conditions offered

IOTA bears costs related to the employment of the successful applicant on the basis of a work contract signed by him or her and the President of IOTA.

Remuneration package:

The gross remuneration package is comprised of a gross salary of 150.000 EUR per year The IOTA international staff is exempted of Personal Income Tax and the Social Security System Contributions in Hungary. The Executive Secretary must cover the social, health1 or any type of insurance that he/she wishes or is bound to pay. There are no other benefits on top of the gross salary. This gross salary is not negotiable by the candidate and cannot be revised during the duration of the contract.

The remuneration is paid in accordance with Article 5 of the IOTA Seat Agreement:

Article 5 Immunities of the Foreign Personnel
1. The members of the Secretariat shall enjoy the following privileges and immunities:
  a) Immunity from legal authority in respect of all words spoken or written and all acts done by them in their official capacity;
  b) Exemption from taxation on the salaries, benefits and compensations paid to them by the Organisation;
  c) Immunity from alien registration in respect of themselves, their spouses and dependent relatives;
  d) Repatriation facilities enabling them, their spouses and dependent relatives to leave the country at the earliest possible moment in time of international or internal crisis;
  e) The right to import free of duty their furniture and personal belongings or of their spouses and dependent relatives, at the time when they take up their post in the Republic of Hungary.

2. Subparagraphs b) to e) of paragraph 1 of the Article shall not apply to nationals of the Republic of Hungary or to persons that are permanently resident in this country

3. As these privileges and immunities are accorded not for the personal benefit of the individuals themselves, but in order to ensure the independent exercise of the activity of the Organisation, the Organisation shall renounce the privileges and immunity of the persons defined in paragraph 1, in any circumstances when it considers that it would result in the obstruction of jurisdiction and the renunciation would not harm the interests of the Organisation.

1 For information, the current health insurance price is 1.500 EUR/year (

Legal Provisions and Regulations

The duties of the Executive Secretary will be undertaken in accordance with the Seat Agreement, the Charter, the Internal Regulations and the Financial Regulations of IOTA, as well as with other relevant rules and regulations in force in Hungary.

Application and Selection Process

Applications must be submitted by the Application and CV form template attached to this announcement together with a Letter of Motivation. In addition, all applications must be accompanied with at least one reference letter and sent to the Presidency of IOTA only by e-mail to with and in copy by 1st of April 2019.

The PCP of the tax administration of the country of the candidate will be informed of the candidacy.
Selection will be based on the following elements:

  • Step 1: Shortlisting, made by all EC members, of maximum 4 candidates, on the basis of the information contained in the completed application form and its attachments (reference(s), letter of motivation).
  • Step 2: The shortlisted candidates will then be invited to an interview. The interview with the shortlisted candidates based on the essential competencies and experience required for the position, will take place on the 13th of May 2019, in Berlin, in the margins of the 116th EC meeting. The exact date of the interview shall be made public in due time. The shortlisted candidates unable for any reason to attend the interview will be automatically dropped off the list. After the interview the two best candidates will be selected. The interview shall be held by the EC members, Heads of Tax Administration or their representative. Members of the EC holding the same nationality of any of the candidates shall not be part of the Interview Board.
  • Step 3: A presentation made by the 2 candidates selected from the previous step will take place in the administrative session of the 23rd General Assembly of IOTA, scheduled for 2-3 July 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The Executive Secretary is the candidate elected by a simple majority of the votes (more than 50% of the total number of votes submitted) in the General Assembly.


Duration of Appointment

The duration of the appointment is 36 months. Any extension of the term is subject to the provisions of Article 15 of the IOTA Charter.