IOTA Debt Management Area Group Task Team reports

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The final reports of the Task Teams of the IOTA Debt Management Area Group are published. The task teams have examined and summarized measures taken by IOTA tax administrations to enhance tax debt collection processes and reinforce capacity to identify and recover tax debt. 

Two task teams of the IOTA Debt Management Area Group were mandated to collect information and provide an overview of innovative approaches being taken by IOTA member tax administrations to promote voluntary payment of tax debts. Task Team 1 was tasked with exploring the various approaches that IOTA member administrations’ adopt to support and assist the debtors. Task Team 2 was elaborating an inventory of the ways the member states try to increase compliant behaviour towards the payment of tax debts by using deterrence measures. The third Task Team  was tasked to assist  member  countries  in  determining  the  best  use  of  risk  analysis  in  the  process  of debt   management.

The reports are available here for registered users: