ISORA Workshop "Survey Completion and Data Usage"

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Successful joint IOTA-OECD ISORA workshop on  “Survey completion and data usage” took place on 15th–16th June 2022 in Oslo, Norway hosted by the Norwegian Tax Administration. This event marked the end of the IOTA ISORA Chairmanship after 31 months.

The first physical event on ISORA after the pandemic brought together more than 60 participants from 40 countries all over the world, 5 international organizations, which are jointly implementing ISORA and academia.

The two-day workshop provided an opportunity for ISORA country co-ordinators and analysts using ISORA data to meet in person and to discuss their approaches and experience to complete the survey. On the first day presentations were made by ISORA co-ordinators from Spain, Norway, Serbia and Uganda. Further discussions on how to improve the internal data collection processes and how to resolve complicated issues took place in group sessions.

During the second day of the event, representatives of the tax administrations of Ireland, North Macedonia, the Netherlands and Jamaica presented their successful practices on the use of ISORA data, followed by presentations of the ISORA partners on their approaches using ISORA data for publications, technical assistance and country studies. In breakout groups, the delegates discussed the use of ISORA data for organisational planning, performance benchmarking, engagement with other jurisdictions and shared some ideas on the internal promotion of ISORA data. 

Furthermore, the ISORA Technical Working Group partners were meeting for their preparations of the periodic survey 2023.

IOTA has been chairing the ISORA group since December 2019 and it came to an end at the event in Oslo. All partners expressed their appreciation to IOTA for the very professional leadership of the ISORA partnership. The chair was handed over at the end of the meeting in Oslo to the IMF.

Further information about the IOTA-OECD ISORA workshop is provided on the IOTA event`s webpage.