Mr. Frantisek Imrecze delivers keynote speech at 2020 TARC Conference

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The Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC) was launched in January 2013 with the objective to help “to improve the design and delivery of tax administration so that it maximises revenue within existing provision to close the tax gap, improve taxpayers’ experience of the service provided by the tax authority, ensures cost-effectiveness, and supports economic growth”.[1] 

Over the years TARC has developed into a global hub for research and is currently based at the University of Exeter.

The 8th Annual Conference of the TARC took place 15th-17th December 2020, where IOTA’s Executive Secretary, Mr. Frantisek Imrecze delivered a  plenary session speech on the topic ’Digitalisation of tax administrations and mastering team engagement – key elements of success during crisis and beyond’.  He discussed the importance of  process digitalisation and digitalisation of external and internal interactions as the core elements of building immunity to crisis. The role of leadership and team engagement in the digital era  via honest and transparent communication as well as trust building and smart communications were discussed as key elements of success. Mr. Frantisek’s speech illustrated practical application of these elements by showcasing IOTA’s own digitalisation during the pandemic crisis and the success story of the Finnish Tax Administration.

This year’s annual TARC conference also welcomed two other plenary session speakers: Professor James Alm, working in the field of tax administration and the economics of taxation, and Professor Judith Freedman, who has made a remarkable contribution to the field of taxation law and policy during her carreer.

You can find out more about this year’s TARC conference by clicking here.