100th meeting of the IOTA Executive Council

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The 100th meeting of IOTA Executive Council (EC) took place in Paris on 26-27 January 2016 hosted by the General Directorate of Public Finances. The members of the EC took important decisions fostering implementation of the key objectives of IOTA work foreseen for this year as well as commemorated the anniversary of the meeting.

During the two day meeting the EC members approved the priority areas of the IOTA work programme for 2017, IOTA’s Publication Strategy and the next steps in the field of developing International Survey on Tax- and Revenue Administrations (ISORA)/Tax Administration Information Platform (TIP). The EC also approved proposal for the IOTA Project ‘Applying Data and Analytics in Tax Administrations’ sponsored by the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration. The EC was informed about the launch of the new IOTA website and was presented with the plan of revision of the IOTA internal regulations. Members of the EC acknowledged the achievements of the IOTA Secretariat along with new working methods and tools.


The EC members expressed their belief that the anniversary of the EC meeting and the year of 2016 marking the 20th year anniversary of IOTA gives a good opportunity to remember the past, acknowledge the achievements but at the same time to look in the future and reconsider how IOTA can address the new challenges that member tax administrations are facing today.

The next EC meeting will be held in Vienna on 18-19 May 2016.