104th Executive Council meeting of IOTA

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The 104th Executive Council meeting of IOTA took place in Budapest on 15 September 2016. This was the first Executive Council meeting under the Ukrainian Presidency of IOTA for the term 2016-2017 with members of Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. 

President of IOTA, Mr Roman Nasirov, Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine welcomed Council members and highlighted the focus of the term, the process of the creation of the new IOTA strategy. President emphasized that there is a common agreement that change in IOTA is necessary and timely. The Council finalized the schedule of the working year, discussed the priorities of this term and agreed that the strategy process, international cooperation, communication (both internal and external), extension of the sponsorship and internal management of the Secretariat are among the most important issues of this term.

The Council expressed thanks to Jan Christian Sandberg for the excellent cooperation and work in the past year in his position as Acting Executive Secretary of IOTA and welcomed Mr Miguel Silva Pinto who will take up the position of the Executive Secretary of IOTA from 26 September 2016.